37 possible traffic light violations

Thirty-seven possible breaches of the Covid-19 traffic light system have been reported in Otago and Southland over the Christmas to New Year period, the latest figures reveal.

WorkSafe recently updated its traffic light system data, which revealed there were 19 possible violations in Otago and 18 in Southland between December 23, 2021 and January 13 this year.

Since December 3, when the traffic light system came into effect, a total of 87 possible violations have been reported in the two regions.

However, the occupational health and safety regulator confirmed yesterday that no infringement notices had been issued in either region.

“WorkSafe is seeing a high level of compliance in these regions,” he said.

Possible violations could have included issues with face mask use, physical distancing rules, QR code compliance and vaccine passing requirements.

Nationally, two companies – Auckland gymnasium Oliver MMA and Christchurch vegetarian restaurant Lotus-Heart – have been prosecuted for infringements.

The gym was fined $12,000 for knowingly allowing unvaccinated staff to work.

The restaurant was fined $20,000 for several Covid-19 rule violations, including failing to properly display My Vaccine Pass signs.

Canterbury-West Coast was the region with the most reports over the holiday period with 91 possible breaches.

It was followed by Bay of Plenty with 88 reports and Wellington with 61.

WorkSafe is expected to update the numbers again later this week.

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