A faulty traffic light in Central becomes a safety concern for drivers

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – The Central Police Chief is concerned about a traffic light constantly going out at a busy intersection, saying it’s dangerous.

A broken traffic light at a busy intersection can be confusing to drivers and often dangerous.

“We don’t want this problem anymore, God knows we don’t want anyone getting hurt at this intersection. We had one fatality at this intersection while the lights were out. We have wreckage at this intersection when the lights are out,” said Central Police Department Chief Roger Corcoran.

The central police chief worries about a traffic light constantly going out at a busy intersection, saying it’s dangerous.(WAFB)

Chief Corcoran says the traffic light at Hooper Road and Blackwater Road stopped working on Friday evening.

The Ministry of Transport accuses a short circuit. The DOTD could not access it until Sunday.

“I was there Sunday night with people, my officers with their lights on, and people just blew through that intersection with us with lights on there,” Corcoran added.

Corcoran says an outage at this same location has occurred before.

“It’s turned off a lot of times whether it’s weather or wreckage where the signal box is. It’s in a straight line, just at the bend. So, if someone comes out of the road, he’s going to hit this box, and this box has been hit; that was only two and a half months ago,” Corcoran said.

The Central Police Department is considering a generator to keep the lights on since their request for stop signs was closed.

The DOTD says installing stop signs when lights go out could create a liability.

“It’s a great example because the power would turn on and off at that spot. So it would flash, it would work, then it wouldn’t. So you have a stop sign, the light goes to the So now as a driver you have a green light to go and a stop light to stop, and it’s going to be very confusing,” DOTD’s Rodney Mallett explained.

The DOTD and Chief Corcoran agree on one thing: Drivers should treat any broken brake light as a four-way stop, come to a complete stop, and look both ways before driving off.

The DOTD and Chief Corcoran will meet later this week to work out solutions to keep the traffic light running.

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