A petition has started for the installation of a traffic light on the South Dearborn school campus

Concerned community members believe a traffic light would help reduce accidents in the area.

(Aurora, Ind.) – Concerned community members are asking INDOT to install a traffic light at either or both entrances to the South Dearborn Community School campus on State Road 350.

“When trying to exit at either end of campus, it can be very dangerous to have to merge onto a national highway,” the petition states.

Over the years, there have been several accidents in front of the South Dearborn campus – some minor, some more serious.

Local law enforcement often helps control traffic in the area, especially following major events in one of the school buildings. However, agents are not always available.

Community members believe that installing a traffic light would help eliminate accidents and improve the driving environment for everyday traffic that includes buses, student drivers, parents and school staff.

At 1,000 signatures, the petition is more likely to make it into the recommendations to INDOT. To date, 679 community members support the installation of a traffic light on the South Dearborn School campus and on State Road 350.

To sign the petition, go to Petition Have a Traffic Light Installed on the South Dearborn School Campus at State Road 350 Change.org.

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