Abergele’s traffic system could be overhauled with the launch of road consultation

Roads and traffic management systems in a town could be transformed following public consultation. The exact nature of Abergele’s traffic management scheme has yet to be announced, but Conwy County Council has confirmed that public consultation will take place after the next election.

In 2017, Conwy County Council commissioned consultants Atkins to assess town center junctions and traffic light systems, with the report concluding that the current system is “at full capacity with current volumes”. A separate assessment and study of the town center was also carried out by Chris Jones Regeneration, focusing on the main street and the relationship between the parks, the beach and the shopping centre.

As part of this study, drop-in sessions and community engagement events were held to gather public feedback, and this information was incorporated into the framework of the plan for Abergele Place as part of the development plan Conwy local for the county. Listed in the Abergele Square plan is a traffic management program for the town centre, which lists improvements to bus shelters, signage and pathways.

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The report also proposes improved traffic light systems, provisions for bicycles and public transport links, giving greater priority to walking and cycling on Rhuddlan Road. The plan also lists traffic calming measures and directional signage, citing money from local developers, the Welsh government and council as possible funding pots.

The plan would also likely incorporate changes to off-street and on-street parking in hopes of accommodating visitors. The report also suggests improvements to Sea Road and the bridge over the A55, including reopening traffic in both directions.

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A spokeswoman for Conwy County Council said: ‘Town center traffic management was identified as a priority under the plan for Abergele Place in 2019, and a specific scheme has been put in place to develop a downtown traffic management program. This project is ongoing and we are currently reviewing potential options for the city (in accordance with the Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance).

“We continue to work with interested parties and experts, with a view to establishing a comprehensive program as soon as possible, which will include public consultation.”

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