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A dangerous three-lane intersection in Riverdale, where a longtime resident was killed in a traffic accident last month, is already a safer place for commuters and pedestrians, with potentially further improvements underway.

On October 5, the Traffic and Transportation Committee of Community Board 8 approved a resolution that supports the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) proposal to study a traffic light and improve lighting in the city. intersection of Kappock Street and Johnson Avenue.

Keith Kalb, deputy district commissioner for DOT, told the committee that DOT has already completed the installation of calming measures for the left turn at the intersection, has refurbished the crosswalk markings , has improved the pedestrian ramp and plans to relocate the lamppost to make the intersection more visible; The DOT is also looking to add a traffic light at the intersection. Traffic calming measures are rubberized bumps that encourage drivers to turn left onto Johnson Avenue at a safer angle and at a slower speed.

In September, Ruth Mullen, a well-known activist and writer from Riverdale, was struck and killed by an MTA bus at Johnson Avenue and Kappock Street. A preliminary investigation found the bus was heading south on Kappock Street and turned left onto Johnson Avenue when it collided with Mullen, 68, as she was crossing the street. According to eyewitness accounts, the bus passed the stop sign and struck Mullen. The driver, unconscious, continued to drive and it was only after someone shouted that the bus finally stopped.

A makeshift memorial was erected in Riverdale last month for the late Ruth Mullen, who was struck by an MTA bus as she attempted to cross the intersection.

Democratic City Councilor Eric Dinowitz and Democratic State MP Jeffrey Dinowitz both praised the DOT for moving quickly to make the intersection safer.

“I am happy that DOT is working with the community and with us,” said the assembly member.

Local residents have long been concerned about pedestrian safety at the Johnson-Kappock intersection, which is a frequently used thoroughfare that connects the neighborhood of Spuyten Duyvil with nearby Kingsbridge. It is also a common passage for people connecting from the Henry Hudson Parkway to the Major Deegan Expressway as well as the Broadway Bridge. The intersection also serves as a bus stop for several major bus lines, including lines Bx10, Bx20, BxM1, BxM2 and BxM18.

Board member Camelia Tepelus said the main issue was that the light pole right at the bus stop near the intersection was not lit, making night driving quite enough dangerous.

“Light is really essential for me,” she said.

Riverdale resident Mary Ellen is fully backing a traffic light at the intersection and is hoping it happens as soon as possible.

“What are the chances of actually getting a light?” ” she asked. “I lived there when I was a child. People are always flying down. I strongly think a traffic light should be there.

However, others, such as resident Sue Dodell, believe the issue is more with area enforcement. She said if more cops were stationed at this intersection and in the community, maybe fewer people would speed up.

The board voted on Oct. 12 to support the DOT’s proposal to study a traffic light and improve lighting.

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