Center of Excellence could train next generation of traffic light engineers

A NEW “centre of excellence” could soon be created to train “young professionals in the field of road sign design”.

In 2018 West Yorkshire councils agreed to join forces to develop an urban traffic management centre.

The new department would work to upgrade the zones’ traffic lights and improve the computer systems that operate those lights.

But at a Bradford council executive meeting in the new year, council bosses will be told there are “concerns” about the number of qualified staff in the area to support these changes.

A report on the progress of the program indicates that 27 people are employed in the region to manage the traffic lights. Among them, the average age is 50 and 70% of the staff is over 48 years old.

He adds: “As a result, it was identified that staffing shortages would be exacerbated in the near future as staff retired, therefore training and development of young engineers in this area was seen as essential to the over the next decade.”

A scheme run by Leeds City Council will try to train a new generation of traffic light engineers, and Bradford Council Executive will be asked to support the scheme.

The report adds: “This will ensure that we are able to deliver high quality training to city traffic control staff in West Yorkshire and that the city region remains at the cutting edge of operation and adoption of the latest changes in new and emerging traffic management technologies.”

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