Changes to traffic management in Gateshead town center


The past weekend (September 17-19) saw significant traffic jams and delays in both Gateshead and Newcastle, and it is clear that large crowds attending major cultural and sporting events by car, as well as families bringing students to the region have contributed to this congestion. .

We recognize the problems caused by traffic and congestion, particularly in the Nelson Street / Lambton Street area and will be making some traffic management changes starting today, Friday September 24th.e.

It is clear from our analysis that beyond the additional traffic using the network, we encountered additional problems due to the use of illegal shortcuts by some drivers, which made conditions worse for all road users.

We are changing the alignment of Lambton Street and Nelson Street, which is the main access to Trinity Square parking lot.

Access will continue to be available from the east along Lambton Street and from the west along Nelson Street, including to businesses on the north side of Nelson Street. All traffic exiting the Trinity Square parking lot will need to turn left and use Nelson Street and West Central Route.

But there will be no more access for through traffic along Lambton Street from east to west.

This will simplify traffic movements and allow traffic lights to be cut off when exiting Trinity Square, avoiding the long delays experienced last weekend.

Additional yellow warning signs will be placed at the Oakwellgate roundabout and approaches, as well as on Askew Road, west of the junction with the A184 West Central road.

In the medium term, we will carry out a more in-depth analysis of our network, including the Bensham Roundabout (junction of the A184 and B1426), Regent Terrace / Charles Street and the Park Lane roundabout, in order to ” evaluate the changes that could be beneficial to improve the management of traffic flows.

Marc Morley, Director of Highways and Waste Services at Gateshead Council, said: “Gateshead is firmly committed to tackling the climate emergency and solving air quality issues. We have made significant changes to our downtown highway system to help address these issues, and will continue to refine our approach.

“Any action we take must be framed in the larger context of the Council’s responsibilities to all road users and pedestrians.

“We need to shift the balance from the private car to alternative modes of transport, and we urge all of our residents, and those who travel to Gateshead from neighboring areas, to choose the most suitable and least suitable mode of transport. polluting for their journey. “

Road works Slaughter Bypass September 25 and 26

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