Chaos at traffic lights at Llandudno Junction roundabout

BROKEN traffic lights caused chaos at a roundabout in Llandudno Junction as cars were blocked in all directions.

Traffic lights were stuck red, forcing drivers to pull back dangerously to escape queues stretching over the flyover, to the A55, Llandudno Junction and on the A546 to Deganwy.

Other frustrated drivers made three-point turns to escape stationary queues on Thursday, May 26.

The council is currently carrying out an 11-week campaign program of work to replace the waterproofing, expansion joints and drainage of the flyover‘.

Therefore, traffic lights are placed at each roundabout exit onto the bridge when traffic is moving in the opposite direction.

Conwy’s mother, Louise Evans, was one of hundreds of drivers stuck in traffic.

“The lights were stuck on red. No one moved. Drivers were honking their horns in frustration,” she said.

“It was chaos. Some people were backing up and trying to turn around. The cars at the front of the queue were just guessing without any lights to guide them, which is obviously dangerous, but people didn’t really have a choice.

“I know this has been reported to the police, and hopefully it will be sorted out as the lights will be there for many weeks.”

The council admitted the works would cause major disruption and inconvenience when they were announced.

Shopkeepers in Conwy were concerned the works would affect trade as the flyover is the main route into and out of Conwy, but the council said they chose to carry out the works in the spring and summer because dry weather was needed.

The second phase of work will be completed in about a year.

A spokeswoman for Conwy County Council commented: ‘Our traffic management contractor received a call at around 8.20pm that there was a problem with the temporary traffic lights at the Weekly News roundabout.

“The lights were working intermittently when the contractor arrived on site and were fixed at 9.30pm. Signs at the worksites indicate a telephone number to call in case of any problems.

A North Wales Police spokesperson said: ‘North Wales Police were contacted shortly after 2000am on May 26 to report that the temporary traffic lights on Conwy Bridge were not working not. The matter was reported to Conwy Council’s Highways Department who were present.

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