Collier County’s traffic system could see major improvements after the vote


You know how difficult it can be to get to work by car: the traffic lights are not coordinated and the traffic is slowed down. Collier County has many congested roads, but on Tuesday county leaders will explore a one-of-its-kind technology upgrade to the traffic system to make your driving smoother and safer.

Collier County has been waiting for an upgrade like this for seven years. It’s designed to do two things to improve your life: make the community safer and make it easier to get around.

Let’s say there’s a car accident in Collier County; news is spreading about it and people at a traffic data center are warning it. They can adjust the traffic lights in and around the crash area and manually move traffic to make it more fluid. This upgrade will allow them to do it faster.

Collier receives $ 1 million to pay for it with a state grant.

“It’s state-level taxpayer dollars that we now have the chance to acquire, and it’s going to exponentially increase our capacity for very important security… traffic, first responder, you know, guys. things, ”said Rick Locastro, Collier County Commissioner for District 1.

This grant will also help defend the county’s database from hackers. While there has never been a hack into the Collier County system, there have been numerous cases just in 2021 of huge databases being hacked. This is something that affects us at the national level and could potentially cause damage at the local level. This software update will give Collier County the defense mechanism it needs to stop hackers and protect valuable information, making County technology faster and harder to decode.

“One of the things you hear sometimes in different counties that have a traffic management center, uh, you know, a 20 year old college student is sitting in his dorm, changing the streets, the lampposts, doing that kind of funky thing.” , said Locastro. “So I’m not saying it happened here. But you have to trust me, as a former military officer you have to have this stuff on lockdown. “

Usually, major upgrades and changes like this take a long time to show up once approved. But if approved by Collier County commissioners on Tuesday, those changes could happen within the next 30 days.

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