The final phase of the project to improve traffic lights and pedestrian crossings on and around the Coppins Bridge will be completed early next week – a few days late.

The programme, which began in November last year, is improving signals and pedestrian crossing points at seven locations on the Coppins Bridge and its approaches, with work being divided into phases to reduce disruption.

The overall Coppins Bridge project is the latest element of an island-wide program under the Freeways PFI to improve all traffic signals and pedestrian crossings.

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It was left for the end given the complexity of the work on what is by far the busiest traffic interchange on the island.

The new traffic light system on and around the Coppins Bridge is fully synchronized, meaning it is better able to react and adapt to changes in traffic flow. As well as being “smarter”, the signals also operate using less power, so they are both safer and more energy efficient. 5 pedestrian crossings were also modernized during the project.

While work on the project has so far been completed on schedule, with 2 phases completed ahead of schedule, several issues including delays in the arrival of specialist parts ordered have pushed back the planned completion date by several days. Island Roads hopes the work will be completed next Wednesday at the latest and hopefully sooner.

Scott Burborough, Island Roads Motorized Devices Manager, said:

“This latest delay is frustrating but is due to circumstances beyond our control.

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“Road users and the local community have been incredibly supportive throughout the works and we ask them to support us for a few more days. Fortunately, the current temporary traffic arrangements are working well, so the impact of this short overrun will hopefully be minimal.

Councilor Phil Jordan, Cabinet Member of the Isle of Wight Council for Transport and Infrastructure, visited the site to see first hand the complex nature of the works and to hear about the benefits it will bring. He said:

“I am truly delighted that this work at such an important location is nearing completion.

“Following recent major projects to improve traffic flows across the junction of St Mary and St George’s Way, great strides have been made to ensure that traffic flows on the roads serving our county town are as smooth as possible.”

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