Cumnock: Mom hopes lessons will be learned from traffic light ‘fiasco’


WORRIED mom prays she’ll never be in the position of guessing again when her kids can cross at a busy intersection in Cumnock.

Last month, The Chronicle reported that the traffic lights adjacent to Auchinleck Road, Lugar Street, Barrhill Road and Tanyard were turned off due to a fault, leaving it to drivers to make their own decisions when it is safe to travel.

But it wasn’t just the drivers who were on their own. Those seeking to cross one of the roads around the faulty lights were also left to their own accord when it was safe to cross the road with oncoming three-lane traffic.

The area is a popular place for children who walk to school and for adults who take their children there.

Mum Kimberley Clarke would take her two children to school in the morning from the bus stop area, when she couldn’t believe the traffic lights were not working and there was nothing in place to ensure safety people.

She told The Chronicle: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when we came along the road and the lights were out and it was a total melee.

“Obviously taking my kids to school was terrifying, but I’m grateful that I was there with them to make sure they were safe.

“There were kids there who didn’t have a parent or guardian with them and they kind of clung to any adult to help them cross the road safely.

“I don’t know how the board thought it was the right thing to do, just let people make those judgments for themselves.

“I am afraid to think about what could have happened in the worst case, because I am surprised that someone was not seriously injured there. Whether it’s a driver or someone crossing the roads.

“I hope they have learned their lessons and that nothing like this will happen again, because it was terrifying when you have young children there.”

The council said the short duration of the repair was the reason no other passing patrol was in place, despite the issue that lasted through the night and the following afternoon.

A spokesperson said: “The Ayrshire Roads Alliance has been made aware of signal damage and an emergency fault was immediately reported to the Alliance signals subcontractor.

“Engineers went to the site this morning to install a replacement pole. The signals were operational at 12:05 p.m.

“Due to the short repair times and considering that there were other crosswalks on Tanyard and Barrhill Road, signs were installed to alert drivers and pedestrians that the signals were out of order. , rather than installing temporary traffic lights. ”

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