DDRWA meets DCP to improve circulation system


Noida: The District Development Residents Welfare Association (DD RWA) held a meeting with DCP Traffic Ganesh Prasad Saha in their office on Monday, which, along with the DD RWA executive committee, were attended by representatives of many organizations from the District of Gautam Budh Nagar.

The meeting was chaired by Federation President NP Singh. Members were greeted with roses which were presented by DCP. During the meeting, various points were raised to improve the circulation system.

Officials discuss traffic issues with DCP Traffic

Some of them understood the importance of CCTV cameras. It was pointed out that in order to reduce the traffic problems of the city, it is very important to have CCTV cameras at all important intersections of the city roads. This will help create fear of challans and force commuters to follow traffic rules.

On the other hand, the issues related to motorists constantly driving while breaking all the rules were also discussed. It has been pointed out that at most intersections in the city, motorists constantly break all the rules, without keeping in mind the law and order and the rules, the main example of this is the intersection of Sector 57.

Written messages to respect traffic rules

Cars coming from the Khoda side at the red light in sector 57 must head towards sector 22 in the right direction. At the traffic light, all drivers park their cars on the left side while they must go to the right when the light turns green, and all go to the right, disturbing the vehicle and obstructing traffic. The installation of red lights at all these crossroads in the city was also highlighted.

Following on from the meeting, suggestions for the proper functioning of public transport were also discussed. It has been said that there is a serious shortage of city buses in public transport in the city of Noida, Greater Noida and here residents mainly have to travel with their personal transport, otherwise neighborhood residents travel by passenger car.

DD RWA Members Meet DCP Traffic

The work of dividing all those public cars circulating in the neighborhood by unique numbers and color codes has been done by the traffic department for some time, but the traffic department has not had particular success in this work. Therefore, it was requested to give a unique number to each passenger car which should be written in bold type on the front and rear of that car and also divided by the color code of the car according to the l ‘itinerary.

In addition, a request was made to DCP regarding the fixing of the dress code of the driver of the automobile and all three-wheeled passengers, passenger bus, truck, etc. in clear letters with the owner’s name, phone number and vehicle details. It should also be mandatory.

In the end, a request was also made to the DCP to visit the neighborhood traffic park as soon as possible. It has been said that most of the drivers in the neighborhood are those who have no knowledge of the traffic rules and that there is no traffic park in the neighborhood where traffic related information and training can. be given to residents.

Arrangements should be made for residents and commercial drivers to smoothly obtain information on traffic rules. For the same, a request was made to the DCP to implement the police check process in the district as well.

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