Drivers urged to obey traffic signs – The Royal Gazette

Created: April 09, 2021 07:55

The new Bermuda Road Safety Council logo (Image provided)

Dennis Lister, chairman of the Bermuda Highway Safety Council (file photo)

The Bermuda Highway Safety Council calls on drivers to obey traffic and traffic signs as part of its April message.

Dennis Lister, chairman of the board, said: “The BRSC chose this topic because we believe the entire motoring public should know the importance of these signs, what they mean and why signs are placed around the island.

“The purpose of road and traffic signs is to provide advice, information and warnings to all road users.”

Mr Lister reminded the public that all signs and traffic signs are listed in the Highway Code Handbook, available from the Department of Transportation Control.

He added: ‘Whether it is the speed limit, stop, concealed entry or give way sign, all traffic signs are erected for our safety. By obeying road signs, we all make an important contribution to making our roads safer.

Mr Lister said the Junior Road Safety Council had been reintroduced, made up of five students, and the council was working on rebranding and had launched a new logo.

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