Drogheda traffic system will be overhauled around the arena area

Louth County Council has assured Fianna Fáil Cllr James Byrne that the council will speak with traffic consultants to review the traffic light system in the bullring area and along the dual carriageway.

At the June Drogheda Borough meeting, Cllr Byrne raised the issue of the station traffic light sequence at the George’s St/Patrick St junction. He pointed out that Drogheda is experiencing increasing volumes of traffic with travel times that increase when crossing the city.

He said: “Traffic needs to be able to flow more freely. I ask that greater synchronization of traffic lights be considered to keep traffic flowing.

“The Bullring is a particular problem. It is a complex junction with six roads converging at St Mary’s Bridge. Following previous calls to action, Louth County Council changed the sequencing. However, there is still a lot to do, because you will hardly notice any changes.

“I know that when work begins on active travel measures, some junctions will be physically upgraded and will include traffic signal improvements with the installation of smart lighting. I understand this will involve the automated collection of traffic movement data and subsequent adjustment of the sequence of lights accordingly. This would be a huge benefit if implemented, with traffic light sequencing adjusted regularly based on traffic volumes.

“In the meantime, hopefully short-term measures can be introduced to make a small difference to journey times around Drogheda.”

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