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FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. – Security is a top priority for the Office of the Provost Marshal at Fort Campbell. Enforcement of safety measures at the facility is more visible when police officers write citations for traffic violations.

Whether it’s tackling speeding tickets, operating a stop sign or traffic light, or stopping impaired drivers, Fort Campbell traffic officers work around the clock. 24 to ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Recently, the Tennessee Highway Safety Office recognized them for their exemplary traffic management and contribution to vehicle safety.

Tennessee Law Enforcement Challenge
The Tennessee Law Enforcement Challenge, or LEC, is a program supported by the Tennessee Association of Police Chiefs and the Tennessee Sheriffs Association that gives law enforcement agencies the opportunity to demonstrate how they promote initiatives road safety in the communities they serve.

Additionally, the LEC encourages law enforcement agencies to learn from each other by setting goals for road safety enforcement and education.

To compete, agencies must compile traffic data between the months of February and June that showcases the results of education and traffic-related initiatives carried out in the previous year. The data takes into account key areas of concern, including occupant protection, impaired driving, speed control, pedestrian and cyclist safety, as well as the collection and analysis of crash data. said Lt. Nicholas Pietila, Traffic Supervisor, Traffic Management and Collision Investigation Division, PMO.

Agencies compete in the category that matches the size of their department and number of agents to maintain fair results. Fort Campbell competed in the 76-100 officer category this year and won two awards.

Good marks
Pietila said he was proud to report this year’s score was the best Fort Campbell law enforcement has received so far in this competition.

“The Fort Campbell Police Traffic Section won third place in the Law Enforcement Challenge 76-100 Officer category, we achieved our highest score ever. [171.5], and unofficially ranked fourth out of the 45 departments that participated, ”he said.

The two official awards were first in the regional competition with Fort Benning, Ga., In the Military Police category and third in the 76-100 officer category. The unofficial fourth place is a statewide ranking that shows how Fort Campbell ranks against all of the other Tennessee departments that participated, regardless of the category.

Overall, the awards demonstrate that Fort Campbell has had an impact on driver safety by reducing unsafe traffic conditions caused by driving under the influence, texting while driving, driving without a seat belt. , speed, disregarding traffic light rules such as stop signs and lights, and other safety concerns including ensuring infants and toddlers are restrained in seats car inside a vehicle. All of these measures, Pietila said, are part of an effort to reduce traffic-related deaths.

“THSO’s mission is to reduce traffic accidents in Tennessee as part of the country’s vision towards zero fatalities,” he said. “THSO strives to achieve this goal by changing driver behavior through increased education, law enforcement and community partnerships. “

Pride of the department
Sergeant Jaxon Wright, 163rd Military Police Company, 716th Military Police Battalion, Traffic Management Collision Investigations, the NCO in charge said receiving the award was a good thing as it helped give some perspective .

“Being able to show that we stack up against civilian law enforcement and showing that it keeps shifting to the civilian side is kind of the big takeaway,” Wright said. “It’s a good thing and it’s cool to be able to say that this is what all of our hard work has come down to.”

It was Wright’s first time competing and it was a great learning experience for him, he said.

The award reinforced the idea that all the hard work and effort of the department really matters, Pietila said.

“This validates me with all the hard work we do throughout the year to save lives and ensure public safety and continue to change driver behavior,” he said. declared. The awards, said Pietila, were proof that Fort Campbell is doing a good job and he is happy with the outcome.

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