“Even a faulty traffic light can be fatal”

The misfortunes of Bengalureans on the public highway are endless. Apart from motorists, these roads also cause problems for pedestrians. Poorly designed sidewalks, uneven surfaces, potholes, lack of proper street lighting and signage, motorcyclists riding on sidewalks, lack of road geometry and more impair the road safety of citizens. DH spoke to a cross section of Bengalureans to get their thoughts on the matter.

Priyanshu K, a research assistant who relies heavily on public transport, explains: “Even with some rain, many roads near Bannerghatta road and JP Nagar area are flooded causing traffic jams. . In many cases, this clogging comes from clogged drains, which also makes it very dangerous for pedestrians.

“While walking, I am extremely cautious of vehicles splashing water during rains. There are areas that have been dug out for metro construction works. As there are rarely any signs before- runners, it leads to a lot of confusion and dangerous situations,” she adds.

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Pretisha Joshna, a resident of Lingarajapuram, says that even though the number of road accident fatalities has decreased significantly due to improvements in car technology, there are still many potential hazards on the road that can lead to injury or even death. dead.

People need to keep their vehicles in good condition, and environmental factors can also affect road safety. She explains: “The design of certain roads requires careful navigation, otherwise motorists will crush their vehicles. Even a brake light has the potential to malfunction and cause accidents.

Harsha Srinivas Shet, a video producer, travels the city as part of his job. “I agree that Bengaluru is one of the most favorable residential cities in India, but when I see the poor roads, I feel otherwise. When we buy a new vehicle, we pay around 10-15% the total cost to the government in the form of road tax etc., but where does all that money go?” he wonders.

Bengaluru has never been free from under construction roads, potholes, unscientific speed bumps and other obstacles. In several places, internet and telephone wires are poorly managed, hanging from utility poles and trees along the roads.

Harsha continues, “As the roads in the city are unsafe, many cyclists attach their bikes to the car and go to the outskirts of the city to enjoy a nice ride. Sometimes the trails are busier than the main roads due to extensive private parking lots. Parking rental vehicles on the sidewalk and the 10-minute food and grocery delivery gimmick gets everyone in trouble.

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Citizens point out that the city is struggling with fundamental road infrastructure issues, despite being known as a fast-growing technology hub and a lab for start-ups.

Sheeba Priyadarshini, PhD student, has this to say: “Road projects take too long. The concretization of the road surfaces has led to only a tiny part of the ground in which water can infiltrate. During heavy downpours, the sight of uprooted trees on the roads of Bengaluru has become very common. It would take more than a day for the water to recede, and in some areas water has to be pumped from streets and basements. Sick people and pregnant women suffer the most because they cannot get to the hospital in time. This, unfortunately, has claimed the lives of two people recently.

As a possible solution to the problems, she notes, “retaining water and recharging wells on city streets would help restore groundwater and prevent flooding, thereby reducing accidents.”

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