FRA optimizes traffic light schedules – FBC News

The Fiji Roads Authority is working to improve traffic light timings across the country.

FRA Director General Kamal Prasad said they carried out time trials on the new generation of traffic lights three months ago.

Fijians have raised concerns about the length of each traffic light cycle, which affects the flow of traffic.

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Prasad says they have done all the necessary field work and will create the best model for the traffic light settings.

“The models are being created so that we can optimize our traffic light timings, so we can rewrite the algorithm for the morning and evening periods as well as the day to optimize the movement of traffic. »

Prasad says FRA has also undertaken a vehicle count exercise for the Suva-Nausori corridor, with the last national count being carried out in 2015.

He adds that the current method used by the Fiji Roads Authority to control traffic lights is aimed at allowing maximum traffic flow.

FRA has installed the new generation of traffic lights in the majority of areas, which are operated by an automatic system.

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