Frustration with overdue safety improvements at southwest intersections

An Edmontonian injured in a crash at a busy southwest intersection says the city needs to make previously delayed traffic safety improvements there as soon as possible.

In March 2021, Jameson Grieve was boned by a driver who missed the four-way stop where Ellerslie Road meets 170 Street.

“You are hit on the side (of your vehicle), your body is thrown out the window,” he recalls.

He suffered bruising, back pain, concussion symptoms and re-injured his broken ankle.

Eighteen months later, the University of Alberta instructor told CTV News Edmonton he was still in pain and had regular physiotherapy sessions.

The Windermere intersection sees the Hiller Road thoroughfare turn into Ellerslie Road.

Ellerslie Road, which has two separate lanes, has already built dedicated turning lanes. But they are currently blocked by concrete barriers because the traffic lights have not yet been installed.

“He needs a traffic light,” he said. “Especially if the city continues to build (this area).”

“Anyone who lives in that southwest corner has to go through that intersection to get anywhere because there’s no other connection to Henday, there’s no other connection to Calgary Trail,” Grieve added.

“It’s kind of your only road, unless you’re going through the neighborhood – which I know some people do specifically because this intersection is backing up and so terrible.”


Residents of southwest Edmonton have been asking the city to improve safety at this intersection for several years, with some cyclists and pedestrians saying they are afraid to cross there.

According to city data, no collisions involving pedestrians or cyclists at the intersection were reported between 2017 and August 2022, year-to-date.

Since 2019, the Edmonton Police Department has counted 62 motorist collisions at this intersection, including six with injuries and five hit-and-runs.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” Grieve said. “People are having physical and mental trauma because of this intersection, (this) should speed up the (city’s) timeline a bit.”

City manager Andre Corbould told CTV News Edmonton in a statement on Saturday that installing traffic lights at the intersection is a “priority” for the city, with completion expected in October.

“We know people in communities across the city all want their lights on as soon as possible,” Corbould said.

The city previously said the intersection would receive traffic lights by late spring this year. This was then postponed to the summer, late August, and now October.

Corbould promised: “We’re here, we’re setting them up, and it’s coming.”

According to him, more than 150 traffic lights are to be installed and upgraded this year.

“That stop sign isn’t super visible,” Grieve said of 170 Street and Ellerslie Road. “The fact that it’s so congested, so busy and so poorly signposted that people can miss stop signs should weigh quite heavily on the priority list.”

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