Gardai releases traffic management and parking for next Sunday’s Tullamore Show

Gardai have released parking arrangements for the 14th August Tullamore National Livestock Show which is taking place for the 12th consecutive year at Butterfield Estate, Blueball, Tullamore, Co Offaly. The show has existed for 20 years and has become a major national event. The last show drew an attendance of around 35,000 people and similar numbers are expected this year.

Traffic management:

There are four large parking lots with an area of ​​240 acres selected to accommodate visitors. The four car parks and their selected entrances are strategically located. Dedicated routes have been selected leading directly to the car parks as follows:

North/Northeast – Tullamore – Site (green parking lot)
West/North West – Athlone – Clara – Rahan – Site (Yellow Parking)
South/South West – Birr – Blueball – Site (Red Parking)
East/South East – Portlaoise – Killeigh – Site (Blue Car Park)
Alternate routes have also been selected around Tullamore for non-event traffic to avoid delays. These alternative routes will be communicated to the public via the media and the Internet in the days leading up to the event.

Guests attending the show are asked to disregard Sat-Nav/Google Maps and follow road signs for show parking.

(1) Tullamore Car Park (Green) has approximately 100 acres of parking and will accommodate all traffic from the north and northeast.

Traffic coming from Kilbeggan, Edenderry and Portarlington will follow the Tullamore By-Pass and take the N52 to this car park. A counter-current system will operate from Mucklagh to the car park entrance in the morning and evening. The N52 from Tullamore to Blueball will be closed to through traffic from 7am to 9pm in order to accommodate the event.

(2) The Athlone car park (yellow) is approximately 30 acres in size and will accommodate traffic from the west and northwest heading into the event. Traffic from Athlone will be diverted from the motorway via Tubber, Clara, Coolnahiley, Rahan and into this car park.

(3) The Birr parking lot (red) is approximately 52 acres in size and will accommodate traffic from the south and southwest as the event approaches. Additionally, an additional 50 acres of parking space is available in an adjoining field.

All show traffic coming from the direction of Birr will turn left at Blueball via the Colegap Junction and into the car park. A counterflow system will operate between Colegap Junction and the car park entrance as required to accommodate traffic coming from the direction of Cloghan along the B.357.

(4) The Portlaoise (Blue) car park is approximately 48 acres in size and will accommodate traffic from the East and South East. All traffic coming from Portlaoise on the N80 will be diverted at Killeigh and approach the car park via Killurin Cross, Blacklion, Clonterlough and Holmshill. In addition, an area of ​​this car park directly next to the N.52 will serve as a bus park to accommodate buses bringing customers to the event. Customers of this car park will cross the closed section of the N.52 to access and return from the event site. A Garda and 6 Civil Defense personnel will be on duty at this location to manage the road crossing.

(5) Disabled Parking – Disabled parking is provided at the event site by the organizers. All vehicles displaying disabled signs will be directed to the event site. This car park will also accommodate elderly or infirm customers.

All persons wishing to avail of disabled parking should follow the ‘Cattle Entrance’ signage on Greatwood Road.


All exhibitors, with the exception of livestock, will be directed to the main entrance of the site where they will have access. Only livestock exhibitors will have access to the site between 7.30am and 9.30am via the closed section of the N52 on Greatwood Road. In the evening, only cattle exhibitors will leave via the closed section of the N52.

Road Closures: Road N.52 will be closed to through traffic from Mucklagh Junction to Blueball to accommodate the event. Special provisions will be put in place for anyone residing on this stretch of road and for the only commercial premises there. Appropriate diversions will be in place for non-show traffic using this route.

Parking restrictions: Parking restrictions will apply around the event, including:

(A) From Mucklagh to Blueball
(B) From Blacklion to Portlaoise car park
(C) Blueball to Event Site
(D) From Screegan via Glaskill and Agall to the occurrence site (the emergency route).
Local people will be notified of road closures and parking restrictions. Households directly affected by the road closures will receive written notification of the traffic arrangements.

Objectives of the plan: The objectives of this plan are to ensure:

(A) Traffic management on access routes to the exhibition, in order to minimize congestion and avoid undue delays for both participants and non-participants.
(B) The selection and management of parking spaces for the 20,000 vehicles expected to bring visitors and exhibitors to the show.
(C) The selection of the most inconspicuous routes leading to each selected parking lot.
(D) Management of the proposed closure of the N.52 between Blueball and Tullamore to accommodate the event
(E) Parking restrictions are in place along driveways and meet the needs of the traffic management plan while minimizing disruption to local people and businesses.
(F) Proper management of a contraflow system for north and south traffic to and from the show.
(G) Selection and policing of emergency routes to and from the event.


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