German Armed Forces Select Indra Air Traffic System for International Operations and NATO Missions – Eurasia Review

Working closely with German company Steep, Indra said on Monday it will provide the German Armed Forces with a first-class transportable air traffic management system designed to facilitate rapid deployment on international missions and to respond in the event of a natural disaster. or humanitarian crisis. – an “airport to-go” in containers for any mission.

One of the first obstacles that all armed forces encounter when operating in remote areas of the planet is the lack of infrastructure, in particular the lack of well-equipped airports where the necessary aid and equipment can be sent.

Indra will work with its partner Steep to provide the German Armed Forces with the air traffic management capability of a major airport enclosed in a system that can be loaded into the cargo hold of A400M military transport aircraft for rapid deployment anywhere on the planet.

With this solution, the German army acquires a strategic capacity which reinforces its autonomy and its speed of deployment. This will be a particularly valuable capability in any international operation or NATO mission, where a high volume of traffic from multiple nations typically must be managed.

Indra will supply two of the main elements of this air base, including the air traffic management automation system and a new generation 2D primary military radar. The former gives controllers the tools to manage approaches, take-offs and landings, while the radar is specially designed to support countermeasures (ECCM: Electronic Counter-CounterMeasures) and operate in enemy-contested environments.

The German company Steep GmbH will take care of the integration of all the systems in seven modules (control tower, primary and secondary radars, approach radar, workshops, warehouses, etc.).

This technology will allow military and civilian pilots to operate safely night and day and in adverse weather conditions or low visibility. With higher levels of security, the frequency and number of air movements the airport can handle is greater, speeding up deployments and the dispatch of aid.

Indra is a global leader in air traffic management systems and one of the world’s leading defense companies. It has supplied air traffic systems to 160 countries and is NATO’s main supplier of mobile radars. It develops state-of-the-art technologies and systems and is one of the three national coordinators of the program for the development of the European future air defense system, the NGWS/SCAF. It is also currently the second largest supplier of avionics systems to the Eurofighter, among other aircraft.

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