House Invites Transport, Liberia Traffic Management

By Bridgett Milton

The House of Representatives has invited the Ministry of Transport and Liberia Traffic Management to appear before its Contracts and Justice Committees to explain the origin of the contractual agreement between the Government of Liberia and Liberia Traffic Management , a private entity.

The appeal was in response to a written submission to the Plenary by Grand Bassa County Electoral District #5 Representative Thomas A. Goshua.

According to Rep. Goshua, he has closely followed public discussions regarding an attempt to usurp the functions of the Ministry of Transport by outsourcing its main responsibilities, including the issuance of driver’s licenses, license plates, maintenance and maintenance. regulation of traffic lights as well as other related activities. duties to a private company called Liberia Traffic Management.

Goshua further reveals that he has also received reports that the situation has created a standoff between the Ministry of Transport and the Liberian National Police on the one hand, and the Liberian Traffic Management on the other.

He warns that if care is not taken to break the deadlock between the two government institutions and private enterprise, it could potentially undermine domestic revenue which could have a negative impact on the country’s development.

In view of the above, he suggests that the plenary invite the parties to explain how such an agreement does not conflict with the law establishing the Ministry of Transport and to redefine the role of the police in the whole of the situation. by Jonathan Browne

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