Intelligent Traffic System networks damaged before launch

An ongoing project to install an intelligent traffic system at four major road intersections in Dhaka city has become uncertain as the wired networks of the three road intersection system were damaged by development work by other agencies before launch of the system.

The Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority project, initiated seven years ago to improve traffic management in the capital, has already received five extensions while the cost has been increased twice.

Currently, the client is in talks with five government agencies, responsible for damage to cable networks, for their repair.

“Some agencies have agreed to repair the damaged networks at their own expense and have already taken initiatives in this regard,” Dhaka Integrated Traffic Management Project Manager Mohammad Rabiul Alam said, adding, “I don’t know if other agencies have taken initiatives, or not.’

As several agencies are working at the crossing points, if not all of them agree to carry out the repair work, the works cannot start, he added.

In addition, a case remains pending concerning the theft of a project server computer.

Currently, the capital’s traffic lights, timer systems and digital billboards, which cost millions of taka, are in disuse while traffic police under the Dhaka Metropolitan Police control traffic manually.

The DTCA launched the DITMP pilot project in July 2015 under a technical cooperation agreement between the government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, which was tasked with bringing the city’s four road crossings to Paltan, Phulbaria, Mohakhali and Gulshan-1 under the Intelligent Transport System. .

As part of the project, ITS equipment including ultrasonic vehicle detectors, vehicle image detectors, CCTVs to track traffic volume and control traffic lights have been installed at these crossings. by November 2019.

Except at Gulshan 1, the cable networks of the other three crossing points were damaged during the Covid pandemic.

According to the project office, the cable network at Mohakhali was damaged by the development works of Dhaka North City Corporation and the Bangladesh Bridges Authority, the cable network and traffic lights at Paltan were damaged by the development works of Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited, Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority and Dhaka South City Corporation while Phulbaria’s cable network, poles and traffic lights were damaged by DSCC development works.

The original deadline for completion of the project was June 2017, while the estimated cost of the project was Tk 36.37 crore.

Later, after the five extensions, the project deadline was finally extended to June 2022 and after the two cost revisions, the project cost now stands at Tk 52.08 crore.

The project office said that after the intelligent traffic system was installed at the level crossings in November 2019, the configuration of the system command could not be established in the DMP control room due to the ` ‘loss’ of one of the server computers in a leased warehouse in Hazaribagh under the DSCC.

A complaint was filed with the Hazaribagh Police Station about this on January 27, 2020.

The revised technical assistance project proposal for the procurement and installation of server computers through consultants was approved on February 28, 2021 without increasing the cost of the project.

“The purchase of the server computer is delayed because there is no point in buying it until the wired network becomes functional,” said Rabiul Alam, also additional executive director of DTCA, adding that they had discussions with stakeholders about repairing the cable. networks.

Responding to a question, he said he was unaware of the current status of the theft case.

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