ITMS submissions for an automated traffic system in Chennai


According to a document from the Chennai Corporation, the project will be implemented throughout the Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) with a loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

As part of the project, the civic body will install cameras at traffic lights, crossroads and in accident-prone areas. Other than cameras, traffic lights across the city will be automated to avoid unwanted wait times. Cameras in hilly areas will reduce the response time by alerting the authorities concerned.

The civic organization will implement the project at a cost of over Rs 650 crore of which Rs 400 crore will be provided by JICA. Of the 491 crossroads in the heart of the city, the community has identified 165 crossroads.

Under the project, cameras would be placed along main roads under ITMS which would capture and count the number of vehicles traveling on the road. The data would be sent in real time to specially developed software, which would operate the traffic lights. The duration of the red and green signals would be defined by the software, which will be connected to the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC).

As part of the project, the civic organization will also redesign crossroads to reduce accidents. Additionally, passengers waiting at bus stops for MTC buses would get updates on the arrival of the buses.

“Currently, the traffic police manually set the duration of the traffic lights and vehicles have to wait for the already set duration even if there is no traffic. This keeps motorists waiting unnecessarily at junctions, ”said an official from Chennai Corporation.

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