ITP managed to maintain a disciplined circulation system

Islamabad: Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) strives to minimize the rate of road accidents by educating road users and ensuring strict enforcement of traffic rules on the roads.

It was mentioned by Inspector (Traffic) Rana Ishtiaq Ahmed during the closing ceremony of a one-day road safety education workshop organized by the Road Safety Education Wing of the ITP at Beaconhouse New Lands School. Approximately 200 students and staff participated in the workshop. The administration appreciated the efforts of the ITP to maintain traffic discipline in the capital., The special message of the SSP (Traffic) Mazhar Iqbal was also quoted on the occasion that precious lives of citizens can be saved obeying traffic rules.

Inspector (Traffic) Rana Ishtiaq Ahmed and his team also revealed that the objective of holding such programs is to create a sense of traffic and a sense of responsibility among students and citizens, advising them to avoid driving minors, by yielding the right of way at intersections and roundabouts. and pedestrians when crossing roads. Workshop students were also told to avoid using cell phones while driving, fastening their seat belts for added safety in the event of a traffic accident.

He further added that minor negligence by a driver can lead to serious road accidents and endanger the lives of many road users. ITP strives to provide a safer journey for road users and uses all available resources. At the end, gifts were distributed to the participants by the team.

The Inspector (Traffic) said that ITP has become a model of excellence through its service-oriented policies and striving to meet the expectations of the general public by ensuring traffic discipline in the city.

Beacon house NewLands School Principal, Mrs. Maryam Arif, and other senior teachers at the school appreciated ITP’s efforts to create a safer road environment in the capital.

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