Kayhan Space and Precious Payload Partner to Boost Space Traffic Management

Kayhan Space’s Pathfinder platform. Credit: Espace Kayhan

Paris / Dieppe, September 23, 2022. – Spaceflight safety software provider Kayhan Space and space technology company Precious Payload have entered into a strategic partnership to provide greater access to groundbreaking spaceflight safety solutions, Kayhan said.

Under the agreement, Precious Payload will offer Kayhan’s collision avoidance and conjunction evaluation software, Pathfinder, to customers. These customers include satellite operators, space system developers and integrators using its online workflow and solutions portal.

Precious Payload offers a wide range of custom tools to design and deploy bespoke missions. Its Launch.ctrl marketplace enables satellite launches, mission analysis, launch licensing, ground station development, insurance purchase, and operations. In addition, it also provides a full suite of space traffic management software solutions.

Kayhan’s Pathfinder is a next-generation autonomous spaceflight safety system that helps operators perform preemptive maneuvers based on precision analytics. Thus, mission operators can minimize risk and avoid collisions to optimize success.

The cloud-provided Pathfinder uses proprietary algorithms coupled with accurate spatial catalog data, GPS positioning signals, propulsion capabilities, and flight plans. Users of the Precious Payload marketplace portal can easily integrate Pathfinder into their overall mission plans, Kayhan said.

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