Keltron traffic system to be installed on Mumbai-Pune expressway

Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation (Keltron) has received the first out-of-state order for its traffic control system, to be installed on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Under the project costing ₹9.05 crore, 28 radar-based point and average speed monitoring systems and 11 average speed monitoring systems will be installed along the expressway.

The point and average speed monitoring system will monitor all vehicles passing on the highway around the clock and transmit various information including speed, direction, vehicle numbers and images to a control room. The average speed enforcement system can monitor the average speed of vehicles passing through designated points on the highway. Information gathered from the control room enforcement systems will be used to take action against violators.

Keltron hopes that the successful implementation of the major highway project will lead to more such orders for similar projects under the National Highways Authority of India. The public sector unit, which installed 726 enforcement systems for the Safe Kerala project, has years of experience in road traffic management.

Project Safe Kerala uses Keltron’s AI-powered automated license plate recognition cameras to enforce speed limits and detect traffic violations across the state in real time. Associated with this system are 3D Doppler vehicle tracking radars and red light violation detection systems.

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