Kolkata cops want to reassess one-way traffic system | Calcutta News

KOLKATA: Traffic officers have indicated that they will launch a solid exercise to reassess one-way roads in the city. According to sources, 90% of one-way roads were marked several years ago. “Since then, there has been a change in the traffic pattern. There have been some accidents in the past when locals frequently tried to ignore the one-way traffic system. On other roads, the times of traffic restrictions may need to be changed. However, we are in no hurry as we will be studying the traffic in many areas of the city. We will complete the study and make decisions accordingly, ”said a study official.
The roads covered by the one-way traffic system study include high-traffic sections such as Elgin Road, Loudon Street, Dargah Road and Monoharpukur Road. Other roads like Woodburn Park and Ironside Road, which are included in the study, do not take too much pressure, however. “The idea is not to radically transform one-way roads in both directions or vice versa, but to make timetables more user-friendly for commuters. Some roads may have a 24 hour cycle while a six hour cycle may be followed for other roads. The schedules will remain dynamic. There is no detour at the end of the evening for too many roads. We are planning something like this, ”said an officer.

The city’s temporary return to the old normal has been accompanied by (avoidable) disruption due to political rallies as well as (inevitable) disruption due to infrastructure works, like the east-west metro. Judicious use of the one-way system can help.

Once the one-way roads are finalized, the cops will check to see if there are proper signs installed for people and motorists. “For the proper functioning of the one-way system, it is essential to put up“ One-way ”or“ No entry ”signs in designated places. We will educate the public once we choose the roads, ”the officer said. Sources said the study is important for the future of the proposed 120 km cycle path.

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