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Mandi, February 17

Police today launched the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) in Kullu town as part of the zero mission to implement traffic rules.

As part of the ITMS, the police will stop any vehicle via the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) CCTV camera if the driver of a vehicle violates traffic rules in the city. The police installed these CCTV cameras at key locations.

Speeding, failure to wear a helmet, parking on the wrong side and stunt biking are common offenses committed by negligent drivers, who will now be monitored around the clock.

The police decided to launch a campaign to sensitize the inhabitants of the city to the ITMS system in 15 days. They will be informed of the operation of this system.

With the launch of the ITMS system, the police are confident that they will control traffic offenders. The police plan to provide the ITMS system to Manali in the next phase, which is a key international tourist destination in the district.

Kullu district receives more than 10,000 passenger vehicles every day during peak season and police struggle to manage traffic.

Speaking to The Tribune, SP, Kullu, Gaurav Singh said: “Today we launched the ITMS system in the city to keep tabs on traffic violators and chain thieves. Reckless driving, driving without a helmet or seat belt, improperly parking vehicles and chain pulling are common offenses that will be monitored using the camera.

He said the ANPR camera has the ability to read a vehicle’s license plate. The movement of a vehicle would be recorded in the camera along with the time and date. These cameras would be monitored by the police control room.

The SP said, “We are also planning to launch ITMS in Manali. This will reduce human intervention. People are advised to strictly follow traffic rules to make the neighborhood challan-free. »

Check violations

  • Police have installed CCTV cameras at key locations.
  • They decided to launch an awareness campaign on the system in 15 days.
  • They plan to provide the ITMS system to Manali in the next phase.

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