London is making traffic light changes

(Posted on December 2, 2021)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Following the completion of a traffic study, the City of London is moving ahead with the traffic light changes and some associated parking changes.

The city is removing traffic lights at five intersections to improve traffic flow: High and Union streets, High and Oak, High and Westmoor Drive, Main and Fourth, and Main and Second. (Originally the light at the intersection of Main and First was included in this list, but was later removed from the list).

During the 90-day traffic survey, which ended on November 22, the street department turned off the traffic lights at these five intersections and monitored the intersections for incidents. Police did not report any accidents at these intersections during the study period.

The street service is in the process of removing the lights at these intersections. The department will repaint the crosswalks if the weather permits and will install “give way to pedestrians” signs.

The city is also removing some parking spaces at these intersections as they obstruct the view from side streets.

“The most obstructed view is on Main Street and Second Street where we have staging areas,” said Rex Castle, director of the city’s security service.

The city is cutting parking spaces at three of the four corners of Main and Second. The yellow paint which signifies the ban on parking will be extended along the borders. In addition, what will become the new first parking spaces in these bends will be reserved for compact cars to further improve visibility.

“This should give a lot of sight to see oncoming traffic,” Castle said.

On November 18, the city council passed a law regarding the compact car designation for these locations. Anyone who violates the designation will be fined $ 25 after the signs are installed. Until then, the city will issue warnings. The city defines a compact car as being 161 to 187 inches long with a combined passenger and cargo volume of 100 to 109 cubic feet.

The city is also removing a parking spot perpendicular to the southwest corner of Main and Fourth streets at the courthouse.

In addition to removing all five traffic lights, the city is replacing all of its remaining traffic lights and controllers, moving to brighter, more efficient LED units. The new units have been ordered and are expected to arrive within the next two months. The installation schedule will depend on the weather, Castle said.

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