Miri will implement the Smart Mobility initiative to improve traffic management and safety

Lee speaks to the press after the briefing at Miri Town Hall.

MIRI (February 28): The Smart Mobility Initiative (SMI) will be implemented under the Miri Smart Traffic pilot project to modernize traffic light intersections with the aim of better improving urban traffic management and road safety, said Transport Minister Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin.

Speaking to the press after a briefing on “Miri City Smart City Mobility” at Miri Town Hall today, Lee said the upgrade will focus on the smart traffic light to help better manage traffic flow.

The pilot project includes upgrading the traffic light control system; installation of closed circuit television (CCTV), 4G and wireless access point system; monitor and control traffic center display equipment at the Miri Control Center; installation of an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for some intersections and installation of a radar speed warning sign at intersections.

“As part of the project, it will involve a total of 37 traffic light junctions, of which 19 are under the Miri City Council and 18 under the Public Works Department (JKR) to be upgraded with SMI.

“As part of this upgrade, Radar Speed ​​Advisory Sign (RSAS) is introduced as a speed monitoring system, especially on roads where speeding and traffic jumps often take place. . Remember that these two aspects are the main causes of accidents,” Lee said.

Radar speed signs are typically installed in areas where speed is an issue or where vehicles are in close proximity to pedestrians, such as school zones, construction zones, residential areas, and college campuses. In some cases, these signs are used to gather information to determine if additional traffic control measures are needed.

He pointed out that there will be an increasing use of technology for urban traffic management and that to achieve this, multiple agencies will need to work together in this area.

“My Ministry (MOT) will coordinate with Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), Department of Road Transport (JPJ), Department of Public Works (JKR) and the Police; there will be a team to look at that and implement the SMI,” Lee said.

He also revealed that he proposed to the Miri City Council to establish a special committee on Miri Smart City.

“Because this is something new, everyone involved really needs to focus on gathering all the relevant expertise and stakeholders to pursue this new technology.

“During the briefing, we were shown live videos of accidents on the roads. In fact, all accidents are caused by the human factor. We need all the resources to concentrate and achieve this, in order to reduce accidents.

At the same time, Lee also revealed that he offered to draw a Miri traffic master plan.

“As the city continues to grow, it is crucial that the master plan implement better and systematic traffic infrastructure,” Lee said.

Also present were the mayor and assemblyman of Pujut, Adam Yii, councilors and representatives of SMA, JKR and MOT.

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