Motorists urged to obey traffic signs

“Every road user, especially motor vehicle drivers, should know the importance of these signs, what they mean and why signs are placed around certain areas,” said Faustina Ndunguru, a senior official at the headquarters of Traffic (Department of Public Education) in Dar es Salaam.

She was speaking this weekend at the climax of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week (UNGRSW), organized locally by Puma Energy Tanzania.

The theme for the 6th UNGRSW was ‘Streets for Life #Love30’ calling for 30km/h speed limits to be the standard for cities, towns and villages around the world.

According to the official, the purpose of road signs is to provide advice, information and warnings to all road users, including drivers and pedestrians.

“Defensive driving means obeying traffic rules and using common sense. Traffic rules are in place to help protect drivers and others when operating a vehicle on the road. Driving at a speed limit of 30 km/h helps drivers when they want to come to a sudden stop,” she added, noting that the force continues to educate people on safe road use to to reduce accidents.

Puma Energy Tanzania Managing Director Dominic Dhanah said, “Speed ​​kills; 30 km/h is a safe speed. We organized this event with the aim of ensuring that people use the roads safely. Puma prides itself on empowering communities and fostering prosperity together with partners like the United Nations.

Dhana added that the fuel marketing company also runs a road safety program that targets children as they are the future of the world, hence the need to educate them on road safety while they are still young.

“This day reminds all road users that we must drive at a speed limit of 30 km/h for safe use of the road,” Dhana said.

Simon Kalolo, Amend Country Manager urged drivers to ensure they drive at a limited speed, especially when passing through congested areas such as schools, hospitals, markets and playgrounds.

“We have joined Puma Energy Tanzania in celebrating this week as high-speed driving threatens the lives of drivers and road users,” said Kalolo, who also oversees the overall implementation of the company’s road safety programs. ‘Amend in Africa.

Puma’s Road Safety Ambassador, Moses Amon, a Standard Six pupil at Bunge Primary School in Dar es Salaam called on road users to obey traffic rules and regulations to save Tanzanians, especially children, accidents.

Amon said, “Drivers of three-wheeled vehicles and taxis should be careful on the roads, especially when passing through congested areas.”

A three-wheeler taxi driver, Michael Shedrack, said speeding can lead to death in the event of an accident, as it becomes difficult for the driver to control the vehicle.

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