Mumbai-Pune Expressway: Getting Delayed Intelligent Traffic System Back on Track

The death of former MLC and Shiv Sangram party founder Vinayak Mete in an accident on Sunday has brought the security issue of the Mumbai-Pune highway to the forefront. The 95-kilometer stretch is one of the busiest highways in the state and handles approximately 60,000 vehicles daily. Since 2018, it has experienced 337 fatal accidents in which 400 people lost their lives.

In order to make the highway safer for commuters, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) decided in 2018 to introduce an Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) that would reduce accidents and provide management and effective traffic regulation, deterring high-speed and dangerous driving. In 2019, the MSRDC launched the tender for the selection of a bidder for the implementation of the ITMS.

Although the project didn’t move back then, it got a new lease on life last year. “The tender was delayed due to a few issues, such as Covid and lockdown; however, the process was accelerated last year. The agency is now finalized and the work order has also been issued. It will take about 9-10 months for installation and then for the system to go live after all testing,” an MSRDC official said.

The work has been awarded to Mumbai-based Proc-tech Solutions Private Limited, who will install the system and maintain it for the next ten years. The official quoted above said that the estimated cost of the project is Rs 340 crore and it will be a public-private partnership (PPP) model.

The ITMS will have a 39-slot average speed detection system and a 34-slot lane discipline violation detection system. It will also have a weather monitoring system at 11 locations. The stretch will be under full CCTV surveillance and there will be Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to track vehicles, as well as high-tech mobile surveillance vans equipped with cameras, speed guns and machinery e-challan to penalize and display.

“A command and control center (CCC) will be in Lonavala apart from other centers to monitor the situation on the highway live, which will enable it to send medical assistance in the event of an accident,” said a manager.

Incidentally, the driver of Vinayak Mete’s car claimed they had to wait over an hour for medical help to arrive after the accident.

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