Neuraspace Unveils AI-Powered Space Traffic Management Platform

Photo: Neuraspace

portuguese startup Neuraspace this week rolled out its space traffic management platform, aimed at satellite operators, insurers, regulators and policy makers. The Neuraspace platform is an automated solution designed to provide greater accuracy in detecting high-risk collisions and reduce human intervention by up to 75%.

The product merges large amounts of data from different sources into a data warehouse, including space debris images, CDMs, ephemeris files, state vectors from established catalogs and satellite owners, forecasts and space weather forecasts and information on managed assets. The solution also includes automated AI-enabled collision risk prediction, with maneuver suggestions to help operators mitigate risk.

“This is a very important step as we validate in the market a technology that has been developed to help unlock the extraordinary value of the space economy, which will become more efficient and sustainable. We believe that Neuraspace’s solution will be a benchmark for artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in the global aerospace market,” commented COO Chiara Manfletti.

Neuraspace, based in Coimbra, Portugal, announced its market availability on Wednesday. The company recently raised €2.5 million ($2.75 million) from Armilar Venture Partners to commercialize its platform.

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