New AI traffic system saves time and fuel for Lee’s Summit drivers

title=wpil_keyword_linktraffic light at Missouri 291 and NE Deerbrook Street was lit on October 3 at Lee’s Summit.” title=”A new traffic light at Missouri 291 and NE Deerbrook Street was lit on October 3 at Lee’s Summit.” loading=”lazy”/>

A new traffic light at Missouri 291 and NE Deerbrook Street was lit on October 3 at Lee’s Summit.


Traffic lights along a new traffic control system have been installed on Missouri 291 at Deerbrook Street in Lee’s Summit, the Missouri Department of Transportation said last week.

The new traffic light is intended to improve traffic flow and address safety concerns on the national highway, which crosses the city to the north and south. The MoDOT estimates that 27,000 vehicles use the highway every day.

MoDOT construction crews turned on the traffic lights on October 3 at the intersection of Missouri 291 and Deerbrook Street, which is in the northeastern part of Lee’s Summit.

The traffic light features an advanced adaptive traffic synchronization system known as In | Sync, and is part of a $ 2.8 million project on Missouri 291 between I-470 and the US 50, the MoDOT said. Crews said they expect traffic to improve at this intersection and along the corridor.

Project Missouri 291 included resurfacing the freeway, adding turning lanes, installing signage equipment, and upgrading intersections.

Intersection upgrades included the installation of new traffic cameras and pedestrian-friendly upgrades. Chester Bross Construction Co. has been listed as the general contractor for the project.

“This project will lead to better safety, better capacity and better coordination of signals,” Alex Martinez, senior traffic studies specialist, said in a statement.

With the new traffic lights come new traffic cameras.

The MoDOT said the cameras are part of the In | Sync traffic synchronization system, an artificial intelligence system installed by Rhythm Engineering, based in Lenexa.

The system is designed to allow drivers to reach their destinations faster “by continuously adjusting the timing and sequencing of traffic lights based on real-time traffic patterns and conditions,” according to a statement from Rhythm Engineering.

The In | Sync system has been installed at 12 other intersections along Missouri 291 since 2009.

Due to the success of the Lee Summit Traffic Synchronization System, the MoDOT said traffic patrols along the freeway have been suspended because the police department saw fewer cases of drivers at red lights.

The MoDOT estimated that the implementation of the In | Sync system saved drivers over 34,000 gallons of fuel, 95,000 hours of travel time and eliminated nearly 9.5 million road stops per year. based on the results of a Rhythm Engineering case study.

The teams started working over the summer and are expected to complete the project later this month.

The MoDOT added that the placement of the new traffic light at Missouri 291 and Deerbrook Street was delayed by several weeks as power crews from Kansas City traveled to Texas and Florida to help with hurricane recovery efforts. Harvey and Irma.

This story was originally published October 9, 2017 3:05 pm.

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