New signs ensuring the safety of children in primary schools in Jérôme


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) —Elementary students in the Jerome School District can feel a little safer getting to school thanks to new signage.

In a joint effort, the City and County of Jerome along with the School District and Chamber of Commerce funded the installation of pedestrian crossing signs in front of Jefferson Elementary as well as two interactive speed limit radar panels.

“As a parent, I think that having security measures in place is very important,” said Horizon Primary School principal Wendy Ohlensehlen.

The pedestrian signs currently in place do more than just help students get from point A to point B, they will also help ensure a safer pavement for heavy traffic in the area.

“I think our kids have enough worry in today’s environment without having to worry about being safe when they come and go from school,” Jerome County Commissioner said, John Crozier.

At Horizon Elementary, a radar speed limit sign has also been installed. The total cost of the project is just over $ 21,000.

“During the winter hours it’s so dark outside so it really gives us a lot better visibility and a lot earlier,” Elementary School Principal Angie Brulotte Jefferson said. “It helps us all feel a lot safer, they’re so bright it’s great.”

This project comes from a group of students from Jerome High School who made it their senior project to study speed. They quickly discovered the large number of speeding drivers outside their high school, and speed limit signs had already been put up near the high school. This senior project continues to have an impact today with the latest additions.

Jerome’s public works department was responsible for installing the signs and the school says it has already noticed drivers slowing down and making the area safer for everyone.

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