New traffic signs go into effect today in the first traffic laws update of the 21st century

From today (Monday April 20), drivers will have to start living with a new collection of traffic signs.

Designed to better protect the most vulnerable road users – pedestrians and cyclists – they involve new speed limits of 30 km/h or even 20 km/h in built-up areas.

Some of these areas are to be designated ‘residential and coexistence areas’ – places where vehicles ‘lose priority when it comes to the road’.

Explain the reports, in total the changes involve approximately 100 new panels which will gradually begin to be installed.

Residence and coexistence areas will see “sleeping police” and other obstacles positioned to make high-speed driving virtually impossible.

It is not explained whether there will be many of these specially protected areas in the Algarve – but some of the new signs will certainly apply to the region: in particular those representing Alojamento Local or “nature tourism”, and signs of warning for drivers. ‘amphibians’ and/or Iberian lynx could be on the road.

The changes are part of road safety authority ANSR’s PENSE 2020 (Think 2020) strategy and include specific signage to show people traveling by motorhome where they CAN stop (not just where they can’t… ).

One of the more “retro” changes is the acceptance of “hand signals” by drivers for occasions when their vehicle’s warning lights have failed.

According to Correio da Manhã, pedestrians are the main beneficiaries of this new legislation, but if they are caught “not respecting the signs specially designed for them”, they risk fines of between €10 and €50.

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