New Traffic System Coming Soon to Vaduthala Railway Gate | Kochi News

Kochi: The traffic police will probably implement a new traffic system in the Vaduthala Railway Gate area on Chittur Road to reduce the waiting time for vehicles on either side of the gate.
A meeting of police, people’s representatives and grassroots activists held last week had recommended imposing traffic rules to avoid the rumble.
It is learned that the police will consider the recommendations after a high-level meeting of traffic police officers in the city this week.
The problem of traffic congestion for hours in the railway gate area has worsened after the city was hit by heavy rains in the past few days. There was a request for the deployment of more traffic police personnel on either side of the gate to control the movement of vehicles on the narrow roads.
Seeking a permanent solution to the problem, traffic police called a meeting on Friday. The meeting recommended the deployment of police officers to Pachalam to ensure the one-way movement of vehicles from Pachalam to the Lourde hospital area. He also suggested installing signs at Pachalam Junction and Vaduthala to redirect vehicles through the Pachalam Railway Gate.
KG Panicker of the Senior Citizen forum in Vaduthala said the police should be ready to stop vehicles queuing at the gate as long as the gate remains closed. This is the only solution to the problem of traffic congestion. “When the railway gate closes, vehicles from the Vaduthala side will wait outside the gate to open. the region,” he said.
During the heavy rains, the railway station area on Chittur Road experienced heavy traffic congestion and local people were forced to control the movement of vehicles at the Don Bosco school junction.

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