New traffic system debuts in Richmond County

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — The Augusta Traffic Management Center opened its doors today. The new system will improve traffic flow in Richmond County.

The city added more cameras, including one at Washington Road and Alexander.

They will monitor these cameras at the new center during business hours, allowing them to make changes and speed up traffic if needed.

Inside the Augusta Traffic Management Center, workers watch cars go by and lights change from red to green.

“We can monitor what these signals are doing in real time, we won’t have to send someone to watch them, we don’t have to guess where they are in their progress,” said John Ussery, the deputy director. traffic and engineering department.

They can also see exactly when they change color and adjust them at the same time.

“Now that we can monitor them in real time, we can do a little more synchronization in the hallways, which we never could have done before, to make sure that if you are on a main street, you should mainly touch all greens when you take this street, so there should be less stopping, less idling,” Ussery said.

They can watch more cameras at the same time so they can check more intersections at once during golf week.

“This should help us move traffic better than we have been able to in the past and reduce travel times from where you are staying to get to the golf course,” Ussery said.

The biggest change may be that it will improve emergency response time.

“If you have an emergency vehicle with a special transmitter, it can interrupt the traffic light wherever it is in its cycle and it can make that direction green for the ambulance or the fire truck and so they don’t have to stop or slow down going through that intersection,” Ussery said.

Ultimately, you may spend less time behind the wheel.

“It streamlines traffic, I mean any time we can reduce delays for the average everyday citizen, that’s an endorsement in life,” said Kenneth Franks, the state’s TIA administrator.

The city has added over 100 cameras to Augusta and is currently monitoring 85 intersections with them.

They hope to add a few more intersections to the system when they get more funding.

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