One-way traffic system in Chester city center should be made permanent, petition says

Council leaders are urged to consider keeping a one-way traffic system in place in part of Chester city centre.

A petition has been launched asking Cheshire West and Chester Council to consider making the temporary one-way system near the amphitheater – at Vicars Lane, Little St John Street and Pepper Street – a permanent feature.

The one-way system has been put into operation due to work at Clockwise Chester which is due to be completed in the coming weeks.

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The petition acknowledges that the traffic measures put in place due to the construction of a new underground surface storm drain, which began in November 2020, have been a “hassle” for many motorists.

However, he claims that overall “traffic flowed much better” and pedestrians don’t have to breathe in “horrible fumes” due to stationary traffic.

Chester Roman Amphitheater

Those who support the petition want the council to keep the one-way system when all roads are due to reopen by March 6.

At this point they would like council to undertake a review to determine whether to revert to the original traffic system, keep it one-way or come up with a new option.

The petition states: “The Chester clockwise scheme, although it has been a problem for many, it has given locals a rare chance to see how different Chester is/could be with route changes.

St. Martin's Way, Chester.
St. Martin’s Way, Chester.

“Since these roads have become one-way as part of Chester clockwise, traffic has flowed much better (it was steadily going up to the bars roundabout) and so for the Seemingly increasing numbers of pedestrians in the area, they no longer breathe horribly in the fumes of stationary vehicles.

“It is now easier to cross the road and the neighborhood is so much nicer for pedestrians and faster for motorists.

“Let’s not go back to a time when endless queues and people traveling sustainably have to breathe in the noxious fumes of all the traffic.

“As Chester clockwise comes to an end, traffic here is expected to decrease further and once traffic has stabilized since the main ring road reopened, options should be looked at to see what changes can be made. more permanently.

“Postponing the reopening would allow council officers to see how traffic sets in post-Covid and then hold a public consultation to gather feedback on how best to help improve sustainable and active travel with potential in a few months to revert to before clockwise, keep it westbound only or make changes.”

  • The ePetition, which can be viewed here, runs until March 16.

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