ORR’s traffic system is reinforced to improve commuter safety

Published: Updated on – 21:06, Mon – 19 September 22

Hyderabad: Continuing its efforts to improve commuter safety on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and efficient management of the crucial highway, Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited, a wing of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), has strengthened its management system road traffic. (HTMS).

As part of the exercise, a control center set up at the HGCL office premises will assist people around the clock with emergencies, including vehicle breakdowns and emergency medical care.

To get help, the person must press the push button on the SOS box installed on either side of the road at an interval of 1 km. Any ORR grievance can be reported through this SOS box, including accidents, vehicle breakdowns, towing service, fuel needs, etc.

“For example, if an accident is reported through the SOS box, an ambulance is dispatched quickly as the location is automatically identified by the control center staff, saving valuable time,” an HMDA official said. , adding that if a person requested fuel or towing service, it would be provided but at a cost.

Vehicle repair work would also be provided if needed. The idea is to help the person as soon as possible, no matter how serious the incident, he said.

In case of an emergency on ORR (Kokapet in Ghatkesar), the person should dial the emergency helplines 1066 while one should dial 105910 to report any emergency on ORR (Taramatipet in Nanakramguda).

Currently, these numbers are not linked to the control center unlike the SOS box, but the person is directly connected to hospitals and ambulance service is provided. To extend advanced emergency medical care to injured commuters on ORR, 16 trauma care centers and 10 advanced life support ambulances at ORR interchanges are already in place.

By the end of this month, HGCL plans to launch a five-digit toll-free number for reporting all kinds of ORR grievances, including emergency medical care.

“Through the HTMS, we are able to ensure the safety of commuters by duly ensuring effective traffic management, 24 hours a day. The operation of CCTV cameras, Variable Message Signs (VMS), Care Centers trauma, advanced life-saving ambulances and SOS boxes is monitored through the HTMS,” an HMDA official said.

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