Public access to the Canterbury DHB facilities under the “traffic light” system at ORANGE

Canterbury DHB has not made any changes to its visitor restrictions as part of the amber traffic light setting of the new national COVID-19 protection framework. However, adjusting the amber traffic lights changes the way business is conducted in cafes and other retail outlets in DHB facilities.

Dr Helen Skinner, lead agent responsible for the COVID-19 response for Canterbury DHB, says these are tough times for all of us as we get used to the new systems, but we’re all in the same boat and the new one. COVID-19 (traffic light system) protective framework was introduced to protect us all. The healthcare staff are there to help, so be kind and considerate, and respect each other and the rules.

“There will be changes during your visit, mainly in the points of sale and cafes of our facilities. The Burwood Travis Courtyard Café is the only DHB café in Canterbury that will verify My Vaccine Pass and therefore be able to maintain public seating. Everyone else will either have contactless take-out and take-out coffee and seats removed, or will now be closed to the public.

“This is a great opportunity to remind people that health care is for everyone. You do not need proof of vaccination to enter any of our facilities as a visitor or service user. Everyone, vaccinated or not, will receive the care they need.

“Please don’t visit the hospital if you don’t need to. Fewer visitors means less chance of COVID-19 spreading to vulnerable patients and staff. “

Cafés and other points of sale in our DHB facilities

Franchised or independent businesses such as community pharmacies, florists, hairdressers, volunteer shops, etc.

Here is a summary of the rules for accessing cafes in DHB establishments from today:

Grand Café Evasion: Open to staff only, ID badges required as proof of full vaccination

Willow Lane, Waipapa: Contactless withdrawal only – no seats, no My Vaccine Pass vouchers

Kanuka, Christchurch Outpatient: Contactless support only – no seats, no My Vaccine Pass vouchers, no food or drink in the waiting area seats

PeasBerry Waipapa: Contactless pick-up only – no seating, no My Vaccine Pass vouchers, no meals or drinks in the waiting area seats

Parkside and Christchurch Women’s Hospitals Cafes: Contactless withdrawal only – no seats, no My Vaccine Pass vouchers

Hillmorton Avon Cafe: Open to staff only, no My Vaccine Pass vouchers

Ashburton Hospital Cafe: Open to staff only, no My Vaccine Pass vouchers

Burwood Travis Courtyard Cafe: Only staff with identification badges and members of the public who scan their My Vaccine Pass can be served.

Tour of DHB facilities

Visiting rules have not changed with the change to the orange setting as part of the new “traffic light” system. Ill visitors should not enter our facilities unless they require emergency care.

The following visit restrictions are in place for all Canterbury DHB hospitals and healthcare facilities, to protect vulnerable patients:

  • All visitors must scan using the COVID-19 Tracer app or log in upon arrival and provide contact details
  • If you are using the COVID-19 Tracer app, make sure Bluetooth tracing is turned on
  • All visitors must wear a mask or fabric face cover – please bring your own
  • All visitors are required to practice a safe physical distance. You must stay two meters away from people you don’t know
  • Everyone, including visitors, should practice good hand hygiene.


The hospital shuttle service from the Deans Ave parking lot is operating normally.

Additional guidelines and restrictions are in place at individual facilities. Full details on additional changes to tours at other Canterbury DHB facilities, including the cafe, are available on our website.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of their severity, please get tested.

If you are not feeling well and need to see a doctor, you should call your regular GP team for 24/7 advice. For general health information visit:

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