Publication of updated Traffic Signs Manual

The long-awaited revised version of Chapter 8, Part 3, of the Traffic signs manual has been published.

The document has gone through a somewhat tortuous journey, with earlier versions creating controversy in the industry over a number of issues, including what some considered outdated guidance.

The revised Part 3 of Chapter 8 contains requirements and guidance for those designing temporary traffic management.

The Department for Transport said the review includes changes, based on industry feedback, “to clarify design requirements to maintain worker and road user safety and also to develop recommended specifications for panels and equipment”.

It also updates guidance on speed limits, detours, sign clutter, and length and spacings to reflect current national best practice.

Highways England has highlighted the following changes:

  • Revised guidance on how best to use the additional flexibilities introduced in TSRGD 2016, based on industry feedback
  • Updated plans and design guidance on how to incorporate new sign designs into roadworks
  • Updated sections on requirements and guidance relating to detours, speed limits, length and spacing of road works and congestion to maintain balance between road user requirements and contractor flexibility
  • Updated guidance on improving designer skills and competencies.
  • The format of the document has been updated to match that used in the rest of the traffic signs manual, including the recreation of the illustration for clarity.

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