REVIEW: Are we traffic light robots? | Dr Mozelle Martin

Before President Trump’s administration took office, I worked in forensics in Mexico City several times a year for weeks at a time for 12 years.

I had a contract with the Attorney General of Mexico to train and consult with their psychology and investigative services. The man who hired me always assigned me a personal driver who had been a police officer in the United States, so he knew perfect English. Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, I had frequented the border towns of Mexico but had never been to Mexico City.

The first time I went there I was shocked to find that no drivers, including the police, stopped at red lights or stop signs. I asked the question to my driver.

He said, “Drivers in the United States are overly reliant on red lights and green lights, ignoring the road. If you know no one else is paying attention to stop signs or traffic lights, you need to be careful. Instead of that, drivers in the United States have so many accidents because they’re not looking both ways, they’re just going green, and that’s how people have so many accidents at intersections.”

I was also shocked when I saw at almost every major road intersection in my area of ​​Mexico City police in full gear with automatic rifles. I asked my driver what was going on and he told me they were traffic cops!!

He also said car insurance is optional in Mexico City, but accidents rarely happen, and he attributes this to the fact that no one pays attention to stop signs and red lights.

He said, “You drivers in the United States are like robots where you just assume people will stop at red when you go green, but you don’t look to be sure that will happen. That’s why you have so many irresponsible accidents.”

I then saw people pull up on a sidewalk in their car and fall asleep. I also asked the question to my driver. He said, “It’s safer for drivers when they’re tired to pull off the road and rest before getting back on the road, and stopping on a curb is completely legal.”

Now, I can’t speak for all of Mexico City or Mexico, but that was my experience in my area for 12 years.

Why did my contract end?

The manager who hired me said: “I’m sorry, but we cannot use your services at this time because of your President Trump’s stay in Mexico policy.”

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