Road signs confuse Mount Hagen road users



A LOT of people in Mt Hagen in the Western Highlands don’t understand the traffic lights and signs, which has resulted in many reported accidents along the four-lane section of the Highlands Highway that runs through town, according to the police.

The officer in charge of the Mt Hagen Road Safety Authority, Senior Sergeant Simon Kik, could not give the exact number of fatalities from accidents on the new road, but told the Post-Courier that there had been many deaths reported because people did not understand the meaning of traffic lights and signs.

“Road signs are new to many people in Mt Hagen, especially rural people, who do not understand the meaning of signs or lights,” he said.

“People get confused with the green light and the red lights.

“Many drivers are also unaware of the signs.”
Sgt Kik said people saw the white markings at crossroads and – thinking they were crosswalks – crossed the road without paying attention to traffic lights or signs.

“That’s the problem; people and drivers don’t understand the signs,” he said.
Sgt Kik said people also crossed the road when cars stopped at red lights.

“In order for people to cross, the ‘man’ sign at the red light comes on, meaning that pedestrians are crossing but that does not happen; people are crossing when cars stop at a red light. It’s dangerous, ”he said.

Sgt Kik said he ran a two-month awareness campaign in partnership with Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) to educate the public on the importance of rules around traffic lights, crosswalks and signs.

“The awareness will stop tomorrow (Wednesday),” he said.
“If MVIL wants us to continue raising awareness, then we will. “
Sgt Kik said they need to do more awareness.

“Right now there are a lot of traffic problems, accidents and fatalities on the freeway and we are related to work,” he said.

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