Skykraft air traffic management constellation to launch aboard SpaceX Transporter-5 mission in mid-2022

Skykraft and SpaceX have agreed on a follow-up to the Carrier-5 launch for Skykraft air traffic management constellation.

(L to R) Dr. Craig Benson, Dr. Doug Griffin, Mark Skidmore – Team Skykraft

The second installment of air traffic management the satellites will fly SpaceXit is Carrier-6 launch in October 2022 under a recently signed contract.

This repeat launch is part of Skykraft’s rapid progress towards deploying the full constellation of more than 200 satellites in 2023.

Skykraft’s space-based air traffic management constellation will improve the safety and efficiency of global air travel by providing global surveillance and communication for all air traffic.

Skykraft is also happy to fly demonstration payloads for Australian National University (ANU), CSIRO, Valiant, University of Melbourneand Swinbourne as a member of sky tower rapid access to space program. These organizations are on track to have payloads demonstrated in space when the Transporter-5 launches in June 2022.

Dr. Doug Griffin, Chief Engineer of Skykraft, said, “By choosing SpaceX as our launch provider, we get regular and reliable flights to run an aggressive spiral development program and supercharge the services we can provide from space. SpaceX’s launch capability is transforming humanity’s relationship with space.”

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