Some Carver Road Signs Disappear | Government

Betsy Griggs said she never noticed the “watch the kids” sign on Mt. Hope Road in Carver.

Well, in a few months this sign, and others like it, will no longer be on display.

On December 6, Carver City Council approved a road sign/pavement marking policy that will remove these traffic warning signs in the community effective May 1.

“I guess I’ve gotten so used to seeing these types of signs that I really don’t think I pay much attention to them anymore,” Griggs said during a recent visit to Carver Lions Park, from where she could see the circulation. sign. “I don’t think drivers pay more attention to it.”

Bumblebee colored warning signs have been around for decades.

“I don’t know the origin of when certain signs were requested and placed, but anecdotally one could say that a certain sign was placed in this area because of children,” the Carver manager said. City, Brent Mareck.

“But over time, kids grow up and move on, and that may not be the case anymore,” he added. “As a city, we don’t track which houses have children or not.”

The city has about 6 to 12 such traffic warning signs on city streets, according to a survey provided to Mareck.

The removal of some signs is part of a new policy designed to provide a more systematic and consistent process for city officials to manage the placement of traffic signs, pavement markings and other traffic control measures. the circulation.

Mareck said the policy, specifically the removal of warning signs for children, arose out of a “review of signage best practices.

“If you do a search and examine the issue, there are several articles and studies on how these types of signs give a false sense of security to pedestrians,” he said, adding that existing signs may include ” some neighborhoods have children and some don’t.

According to the policy, such signs are not approved signs in the city “because they give the impression that it is safe for children to play on or near the roadway and there is no evidence that these panels reduce speed or accidents”. They are also not an official federally recognized traffic control device.

Anyone with a traffic or pedestrian problem is encouraged to contact the City Engineer to request a review of the problem. The request must include: location, nature, time of day and frequency.

To improve road safety, the City could consider, in part, using the following strategies: neighborhood report, portable speed camera, increased police presence, signage, pavement markings and turning restrictions.

“It depends on the situation; whether there are complaints about driving behaviors or other issues,” Mareck said of using specific strategies.

Tina Fairchild, who said she and her two children are new tenants in Carver, wondered why any warning signs should be removed, even if there are no children in the area.

“What is the harm? I think any sign warning drivers of the possibility of children or other people in the area would be a good thing,” she said. “Just because there’s a sign, I don’t feel safer anyway. People drive too fast and many don’t pay attention, sign or wave.

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