Sustainable air traffic management in Latin America: Indra digitizes Peru’s radar network

20Indra, a leading company in the provision of consulting services in the fields of transport, defense, energy, telecommunications, among others, announced the digitization of Peru’s aerial surveillance network, crucial to ensure the fluidity flights across the continent and, therefore, increase the efficiency of operations.

In recent years, the company has upgraded 25 airports in Latin America, which has strengthened the region’s ability to manage air traffic.

Indra assures that “two out of three control centers on the continent, including Lima, the main one in Peru, manage traffic with Indra systems, which reinforces interoperability and facilitates much smoother traffic (…) The technologies of Indra contribute to help the major navigation service providers to manage more flights, in a safer and more environmentally friendly way”.

The company added eight new stations to ensure the safety of flight operations in Peru. “The radars work in combination with new ADS-B systems, antennas that collect the information that the planes emit in an automated way with their position. “Again, accuracy is gained by combining data collected by radar with data collected by other means,” they reported.

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Moreover, this modernization will also boost air transport in Peru and the region. Likewise, the digitization of radars allows the remote maintenance of the entire network of monitoring stations, increasing the safety of procedures and reducing costs. Indeed, under this system, a constant and centralized monitoring of the operation can be guaranteed.

“Precisely to take maximum care of this last factor, last year Indra delivered a state-of-the-art transportable radar (MSSR-S) to Peru ready to be deployed within hours to reinforce aerial surveillance wherever needed. This system, with a range of 550 kilometers or 300 nautical miles, has made it possible, for example, to modernize the radar at Lima airport without affecting air operations,” says Indra’s press release.

Indra will work to improve the efficiency of air traffic in Europe

The Spanish multinational is actively working to promote the sustainability of operations through the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies applied to air traffic management. This year, he was selected by Eurocontrol, the main air navigation control body in Europe, to carry out the digital transformation of more than 500 airports, through which more than 11 million flights are carried out each year.

According to the company, “the digitization of Eurocontrol’s operational systems that will be carried out by Indra will provide more precise planning of flight operations, which will increase punctuality and safety, increase the capacity to handle more air traffic in Europe and improve the sustainability”.

“The need to manage more and more traffic, in a cleaner and safer way and with more competitive costs, forces them (the navigation service providers) to integrate a whole range of next-generation technologies: artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital IP communications, virtualization, cybersecurity,” they added.

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