Synchronization of Chandigarh’s 40 traffic lights by December 31 | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: To improve signal synchronization and alleviate traffic rumble, all 40 traffic lights in the city will be synchronized by Dec. 31, the UT administration told the Administrator’s Advisory Board on transportation. The light points will be equipped with an Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS), which automatically prioritizes the direction of heavy traffic, while allowing maximum green signal.
In a recent meeting, the officials indicated that Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is leading the project to implement an Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) in Chandigarh and as per its technical proposal an ATCS based on artificial intelligence will be installed in the city. BEL will first implement the pilot project and then replicate it across the city, officials said at the meeting chaired by UT councilor Dharam Pal.

In a city where there is a traffic light after more than a kilometer, this will help smooth traffic flow, increase the average speed of motorists and reduce choke points. When the traffic lights on a series of intersections are synchronized, this will allow as many vehicles as possible to pass, thus reducing delays. If this system is successful, it will also benefit commuters by saving them time, reducing fuel wasted by idling vehicles at junctions, also reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality.

The Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) had in June last year signed a Rs 295 crore contract with BEL for the construction of the ICCC Complex, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for all utilities and police command center.

A senior UT officer, who is part of this project, said the work was being done as part of the Smart City project and that at least 80 Dynamic Messaging Signaling (DMS) screens as well as security cameras were being installed at 40 traffic light intersections. The project would be operational by December 31, he added.
DMS screens being installed will alert commuters to traffic chaos, upcoming road blockages and any road repair work in progress, as well as suggesting where to divert. In addition, the DMS screens will also highlight messages of public interest conveyed by local authorities.

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