Tay Road Bridge bosses announce major overhaul to level crossing traffic management system

Bosses at the Tay Road Bridge have announced a major overhaul to the crossing’s traffic management system.

A new two-year maintenance contract has been awarded to a Manchester-based company.

TWM Traffic Control Systems Ltd – a division of sustainability experts, Pilot Group – is committed to maintaining and improving traffic management systems on the bridge.

The contract will see them upgrade a number of existing panels to a 4G system and integrate them into the existing TRAMS control system.

Variable message signs are used to improve and control congestion, warn drivers of speeding violations, unforeseen hazards, and any impending restrictions on bridges due to extreme weather conditions.

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The historic crossing is used by up to 27,000 vehicles daily.

As part of the two-phase project, which began in February 2022, TWM has also been selected as the preferred supplier for a potential third phase to replace aging signaling within the system.

Chris Rayner, National Sales Manager for TWM, told Dundee Live: “We have a passion for developing equipment that improves road safety for drivers and we believe the improved signs will enable us to increase road safety. throughout the region, improving traffic flow and ultimately reducing congestion. on the bridge.

The historic crossing is used by up to 27,000 vehicles daily.

“We look forward to seeing the results of these improvements and continuing our relationship with TRBJB into the future.”

While Alan Hutchison, the Tay Road Bridge Manager, added: “With our current system there are often delays in discovering issues on the bridge which adds pressure on the team.

“The new, fully functional system will be faster, more user-friendly and can be updated from the Tay Road Bridge control room, giving us greater flexibility and better control of traffic in the area.”

“As well as benefiting our organisation, we hope to improve the experience of the people of Dundee by significantly improving traffic flow over the bridge.”

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