Tecumseh will bring back flexible traffic signs to deter speeding

Tecumseh is bringing its flexible traffic signs back to the road in a bid to urge drivers to slow down.

Six signs were installed across the municipality last spring in response to community speeding complaints, but the city says all have disappeared or been damaged beyond repair.

Deputy Mayor Joe Bachetti says there has been some success as radar readings have revealed a drop in average vehicle speeds where the signs have been placed.

He says replacing the signs will be expensive for taxpayers.

“Every time something is missing there are reports that are filed, but there is a cost, isn’t there? So the panels that need to be replaced, there are about six of them, and that’s a little more than $1,500. So that’s $1,500 the city has to go and replace.”

According to Bachetti, unfortunately, speeding continues to be a problem.

“With the speed calming effects, we try to reduce speed in the municipality, but also in the region. This is one of the three main complaints that we receive all the time in town. There are many speeding cars and you can’t have an OPP at every stop 24/7. So we’re trying different things.

He says the signs are just one of many traffic calming measures the council is considering.

“The council is exploring different initiatives with photo radar technology and seeing if that will help because it seems like we’re talking about these reports and traffic calming, but it’s still there, people are still speeding up,” did he declare.

The panels, which are installed in the center of the road, are designed to deflect on impact.

The city says staff will continue to conduct radar surveys where the signs are located providing the data to the OPP for law enforcement.

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